Our Adventure in London


(Hannah & Hollis)

On the 1st July, we left behind SS John Fisher and Thomas More, to embark on our long awaited journey to London. We were ready to take our first steps into the House of Lords, to celebrate our work on climate change as nominees for the Barbara Ward Award for Care in the Environment.

As only two people were permitted to attend parliament. Hannah and I (Hollis) had to occupy ourselves in London for 5 hours, which certainly isn’t a bad deal! We both agreed we wanted to see Covent Garden, as we’ve heard it’s one of the key places to visit in the capital city.

The first obstacle of the day was that Westminster tube station was closed – nightmare. So this meant we had to walk all the way from Westminster to Covent Garden on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

Whilst in Covent Garden, which was amazing, we enjoyed the entertainment and some very much needed ice-cream before freshening up to go and meet Maisie and Theo, for the award ceremony at the Prince Charles Theatre, in Leicester square.


(Maisie & Theo)

We landed at Euston feeling refreshed and looking smart, ready for our adventure into Parliament. Then we went into the House of Lords, firstly entering the committee room, where we discussed our achievements with the other young people that were also nominated. It was very inspirational to listen to what the other nominees has been up to in their communities.

We then had afternoon tea, which consisted of scones, cakes, tea and sandwiches, which gave us more time to get to know everyone around us. It’s great to see other young people who have been empowered to make a difference in our world.

When everyone had finished, we made our way to the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester to meet Hannah and Hollis to receive our award for Care in the Environment. We felt very privileged to be able to share in this day with other young people, and win the award, it is great to know that our work has inspired others to act for climate change.

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